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The Teen Ambassador Program is for Pre-Teens and Teens ages 12-15 who want to learn and/or be better prepared to run in a local and or State Teen competition.  Teens will learn valuable skills that are needed to compete.  The focus will be on:
  • Interview – Teens will attend workshops, practice and go through mock interviews.
  • Mental and Physical Health and Wellness – Teens will learn proper nutrition, health and stress reduction tips.
  • Talent – Teens will work on their talent and/or search for a talent.
  • Social Impact Initiative – Teens will further develop their personal social impact and/or learn how to choose an initiative and together as a Teen Ambassador group, will participate in a Community Service Project.
Teen Ambassadors will attend Teen Forum in April and will get to learn right along with all the Teen Candidates.  Teens will attend sessions, hear impactful speakers and meet and greet with our current MWAOTeen. This will be a great way to enhance your skills and meet new friends while you are learning specific skills.
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Public Speaking


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