People's Choice Award

Donate now to support the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization and your favorite candidate! The candidate who raises the most as a part of our People’s Choice fundraiser will receive a $500 cash prize!  The remaining donations go directly to our scholarship fund.

($1 equates to 1 vote; you can make a donation in any amount).

1-Kaitlyn Gallo.jpg

Kaitlyn Gallo

2-Alexandra Matthews.jpg

Alexandria Matthews

3-Naomi Green.jpg

Naomi Green

Clark County
4-Lola Eden.jpg

Lola Eden

Yakima County
5-Aurora Sieverson.jpg

Aurora Sieverson

Greater Tacoma
6-Hannah Lauritzen.jpg

Hannah Lauritzen

7-Madison Zantello.jpg

Madison Zantello

South Sound
8-Reyna Blackwood.jpg

Reyna Blackwood

West Sound
9-Nataly Gonzalez.jpg

Nataly Gonzalez

Douglas County
10-Alexis Douglas.jpg

Alexis Douglas

11-Alexa Mejia.jpg

Alexa Mejia

Greater Penninsula
12-Morgan Greco.jpg

Morgan Greco

13-Emma Utterback.jpg

Emma Utterback

14-Maddie Wallingford.jpg

Maddie Wallingford

Greater Vancouver
15-Ellie Winkelman.jpg

Ellie Winkelman

Grays Harbor
16-Kaiya Bates.jpg

Kaiya Bates

17-Mikayla Hawk.jpg

Mikayla Hawk

Pierce County